3 Ways to Liven Up Your Friday Night

Find a Speakeasy
Ok, ok, we know. The whole idea of this thing is one that is unbelievably hipsterish. It’s the kind of place that really has no right to exist in the modern world. London as a city is anything but dry. The booze quite literally runs through the street on most Friday nights, so why head to a prohibition style bar for your night out? What is the point, apart from some sort of ironic detachment? Well, you’d be surprised. Find a good one, and you’ll note a bar that not only has that novelty but is genuinely solid. Great bar staff, short waiting times, not as busy as other places. It can be the perfect way to escape the crowds and just enjoy a good night off with your London escort, without all those prying eyes.

2. Go Retro
When you have a stunning escort in London at your side, the world is your oyster but you want somewhere discreet, somewhere quiet. Scour the events table, like everyone else does, but instead of picking something just opened or hyped, go for something coming to the end of its run. A popup or an installation that will be gone in a month. You’ll find it considerably more intimate, the staff more attentive and the night in general just a bit less rushed.

3. Take a Wander
Now this is very much an option we recommend with the summer coming up. If you try to do it in winter, expect to be wet, cold and a bit miserable. When the the dusky late nights are in full flow though, this can be the perfect time to explore the city and do something a bit different. Hit Shoreditch at night and just take a wander. Stop for a drink anywhere interesting, but don’t stay too long. Get one of those infamous salt beef bagels at midnight and wolf it down. Find a bar with rooftop access and watch the sun go down. Generally explore, and see just how much the city has to offer, what an incredible mix there is. The nightlife of the capital is much like our escorts in London: full of variety and excitement. So why, in either case, stick to what you know?