A Precious Pleasure

One of life’s greatest pleasures is nothing other than…sleep. It is something we take for granted too often, and a series of late nights can catch up and play havoc with our health. The recommended amount of sleep we should all be getting each night is 8 hours, but a busy lifestyle or too much of a good time can disrupt this. If you are guilty of sacrificing precious sleep, it is recommended to change your routine. Take note of our our previous blog post Out With The Old, In With The New, and allow yourself to be influenced into changing those repetitive habits and trying something new.

Lack of sleep can leave us feeling irritable, crave carbs and make our skin look dull and aged. This is never a good look when in search of a beautiful companion. Scientists have recently claimed lack of sleep can disrupt hundreds of genes and long term, can cause life-threatening illnesses related to stress, immunity and inflammation.

“You Can Sleep When You’re Dead”

Whilst this statement is true (in terms of not wanting to miss out on all the fun), if you live by this motto you’ll be heading for an early grave. Like most things in life, everything in moderation is key. Don’t sacrifice your sleep too often, it will begin to affect all aspects of your life and before long you’ll find you are too tired to do anything. You miss out on the fun altogether by not catching forty winks on a regular basis. Don’t let the effects of sleep deprivation take over.

The stunning blonde girls here at Strawberry Girls value their sleep highly, and whilst they are in high demand, they still find the time to get their 8 hours in every night. They recommend making your bedroom a sanctuary. If your place of rest is nicely decorated with a calm atmosphere you’ll feel more inclined to spend time in there, helping you wind down for a good night’s sleep.