A Walk on the Wild Side

A walk in the park might sound like the most boring thing in the world to many of us. It’s up there with the cliches of long strolls on the beach and candlelight as the romantic cliche that is most likely to leave us feeling thoroughly unimpressed but there’s a lot more to offer than might first be apparent. To many of us, it seems like the kind of thing you do when you have nothing else to do, but London is overflowing with beautiful spaces that are just waiting to be explored. You might go solo, you might take a beautiful London escort with you, what’s important is getting out there and doing it. Once you start, you’ll be amazed by just how incredible it can be.

So where should you go? The obvious place to begin is at the royal parks. Well known and beautifully maintained these expanses of urban wildlife are often incredibly nice to look at. All tall trees and trimmed hedges, an explosion of flowers and paths and benches. You can take a picnic, a beautiful girl and your imagination, and the world is your oyster. Long days spent in the sun will soon turn into something more, and when they do, you’ll love every minute of it, especially if you’re lucky enough to be enjoying it with a beautiful escort in London.

They’re far from the only place though. The locks and canals of Little Venice and the east end, the little scraps of land that litter the landscape throughout the city. There are so many options for anyone that wants to enjoy the city. These urban areas often some truly beautiful little spots.