Cheap Escorts In Tower Hamlets

The London Borough of Tower Hamlets is situated to the east of the city centre of London. As the most easterly part of London, covering most of the East End. The area covers the Docklands and Canary Wharf region of London.

Some of the best things to do with your time when visiting the Tower Hamlets is to frequent the many market places it has. Here you will experience the real sights and sounds of East End culture. This is a good activity for a date because you can peruse the area and pick up a few bargains. Tower Hamlets cheap escorts make the perfect accompaniment for this recreational activity. All the market places in this area are best visited on a Sunday. Take your time to experience all of the different locations and maybe even split the markets over two trips; that way you can take your time and search for some cheap and cheerful purchases.

You could go to the iconic markets of Brick Lane and immerse yourself in the sights and atmosphere of the Shoreditch area. Take in the amalgamation of smells from the many food stalls of the area; Jamaican, Indian, Spanish and Greek; you’ll be spoilt for choice. The area is renowned for the large Bangladeshi community that reside here and the colours and Asian garments, ornaments and signage from the local shops and businesses in the area bring an exotic flavour. If you time your visit for a Sunday and more specifically when there is a particular event in the area; you and your cheap Tower Hamlets escort could enjoy the wondrous carnival vibe. Brick Lane boasts a huge art scene and the markets centralise around the tea-buildings which usually house many exhibitions. The mixture of food, arts and crafts, fashion and vintage stalls in the area make it a really popular and interesting place to visit. The avant-garde scene is very popular with young, arty types; but has become increasingly popular as a tourist destination too.

Nearby there is also the more commercial, up market space of Spitalfields market. This is where you will find an bountiful collection of market traders all in one place. They sell everything here from new and vintage clothing, handmade jewellery, greeting cards and food and drink. There’s lots to see and the two locations are very close making them easily visited in one afternoon. Cheap Tower Hamlet escorts will enjoy the Aladdin’s cave of goodies to browse through. You may even want to buy her a little something so she’ll always remember your date?

There is also Petticoat Lane is where you’ll find the traditional market stall; here you can search out a bargain from the community market place. Why not take a trip down Columbia Road with your cheap Tower Hamlets cheap escort and treat her to a big bunch of beautiful flowers. All the markets, except the flower market of Columbia Road, is full of a wide range of commodities for all tastes and fashions.