Football Crazy, Football Mad

The football loving crowds are no strangers to us. The amount of men that will get themselves a great London escort to console themselves after a loss or celebrate a win is pretty sizeable. We’ve seen all sorts, and they’re a vibrant part of the capital’s community. The old hooligan stereotypes have proven to be incorrect in our experience: most fans are normal people without the fanatical zeal that edgy films would have you believe. The problem that causes, is that normal people can’t afford the insane rates clubs charge.

Ticket pricing has been a consistent issue for years now, but it’s reaching fever pitch. We’re getting to the point where most people look at how much it costs to go to a game, look at how much food and drink costs inside, look at their other options and are baffled. Why would they choose to pay that much when they could use that money elsewhere. It’s not like London is lacking other places to enjoy yourself. You could easily put that cash to work elsewhere and get so much more out of it.

Which is why it’s great news that moves have been taken to cap away game prices. With a cap coming in, you’ll be able to see the big derby games without shelling out too much cash. But this being London, actually getting tickets is a nightmare. Everyone wants to see those games, they have so much significance. That leaves you scrambling to try and get one, or leaving London for the day to see them truly play away. Neither is a desirable option, especially if you’re used to elite services like our London escorts, where there’s no more hassle involved than picking up a phone.

The trouble is home games have no such issues. They can often go to a huge rates when it comes to the best seats. Even a modest one will set you back a pretty penny. Sitting with the homefans will give you the atmosphere but it will also make your wallet cry. If you want to take a friend or a London escort? Good luck, now you’re looking at a real investment. A rare treat for most to be honest, few can justify spending that sort of cash regularly.

Like many other areas of the capital, tourism is pushing normal people out. People want to come and see Arsenal and Chelsea play, to see legendary players in the flesh. They’ll work it into their trip or even come here specifically for it. The problem is that they end up taking up seats from normal fans, and drive prices skyrocketing. For the rate of a ticket, you can often get an hour with an escort in London. That’s just crazy. If the clubs want the locals to come back, there’s going to need to be more changes, and soon. As it is, most denizens of the capital find themselves increasingly apathetic to the big games, preferring to keep their cash for other delights.