Friday Night Dinner

Friday night is a special sort of occasion. There’s not many other times when you can just let everything go. The working week is over, the weekend is just around the corner. Tomorrow you can have a lie in, and the soft comfort of the duvet will chase away any lingering hangover.

One of the greatest things you can do with your weekly gift is indulge in a dinner out. Whether it’s with friends, a partner or one of the surprisingly


Location: Central and East Price: ££££The Hawksmoor branch of restaurants are all about the big flavours. As a steakhouse that has garnered widespread critical acclaim, you might expect them to be inventing brand new ways to dress meat up, serving tiny slices of beef with fancy reductions and foams. You couldn’t be more wrong. If you’re one of those people who’s tired of getting tiny portions for huge prices, this is the place for you. Although they do offer smaller dishes for those, like the London escort you’ve brought along, that need to work hard to keep their perfect figures, in general dishes are robust and filling. The high price tag may seem intimidating, but it can easily be toned down for those on a budget. The bill only starts to pile up with the rafts of delicious sides and extras that many can’t resist; if you’re strong willed you can easily eat here on a regular basis.

Gusto Notting Hill

Location: Notting Hill
Price: ££
This is perhaps one of the best Italians in the whole of the capital. That claim is certain to raise some eyebrows but it’s one that this homely little restaurant is capable of living up to. There might be places offering better culinary experiments or dishes cooked with truffle oil and acorn fed hams, but that’s not what Italian food is about. The rustic glory of the dishes shines through here; that might make it sound unrefined but it’s simply authentic and unpretentious.


Location: Bethnal Green
Price: £££
Want something really different? Have you taken cheap busty escorts to expensive French restaurants just one too many time? Then it’s time to head to East London to sample food that is only available in tasting menus. This means that one can’t order a dish, instead they can choose a menu that has a set number of small dishes on it and they’re brought to the table one by one. They offer a wide range of intriguing combinations designed to titillate the taste buds and many have found themselves curiously enchanted by this incredible mixture of flavours.