Gadget Review: Aircraft Aluminium Pin

Let’s be honest here, we can’t enough of the gadgets can we? There are few men in the world who wouldn’t jump at the chance to have a new toy, especially when it’s as fun as some of the offerings out there now. So why not sit back, get settled in, and decide on what the latest flashy gadget you want in your life is going to be?

Our suggestion is something that’s coming in from the left field. Any lady, whether she’s a top escort in London or an ordinary girl, is going to be impressed with a man that can cook. You don’t need to be a michelin starred chef to get their hearts aflutter, and that’s where this rolling pin comes in. You might be rolling your eyes right now, but there’s been a whole revolution in the kitchen. Gone are the days when men would only be able to cook in secret, when doilies and dainty little cakes were the norm. Now you can make robust cakes, with punchy, manly flavours like orange and rosemary, and cook good bread with unabashed pride.

And what better tool to do it than a rolling pin made from military grade aluminium, a toy that resembles an aircraft accessory more than it does a kitchen tool. It’s blue, it’s shiny and its big. It looks amazing and although we like to pretend these things don’t matter, the sleekness of the latest toy is often something that will cross your mind. Even if you don’t use it that much, the mere presence of it in your kitchen says that here is a man that likes to cook, here is a man that takes pride in his creative abilities. A man that’s sleek, stylish and comfortable with himself. There’s nothing sexier.