Gadget Review: Fallout 4.

You’re living in a neat, ordered world. A fantasy, a dream of the average adult that is so common it might as well be branded in the minds of everyone over 30. Wife, kid, nice house, life is good. But this isn’t London, and you’re not seeing London escorts on the sly. No, this is America in the late 21st century, in a world where tensions have reached fever pitch. In an instant, it’s all taken away and the world becomes a wasteland.

That’s the premise of the Fallout series, and the latest title is easily the best yet. Infused with all the dark humour and hopelessness of the previous entries, it takes things to a whole other level in terms of immersion, graphics and gunplay. It’s literally a boy’s paradise, the game that will have the kid in you jumping for joy. Say goodbye to the cold concrete of the capital and hello to a land of ridiculous opportunity.

And that’s what makes the game so special. We normally feature standalone gadgets, rather than games in the men’s section here, but is an exception. Whilst an on the rails shooter like CoD may be formulaic and even dull, Fallout is the complete opposite. It gives you the kind of choice and indulgence that we love to see, after all it’s the driving force behind seeing our beauties. Too many people in the city refuse to let themselves really enjoy things, get too caught up in all and end up just drifting through life. Video games are for kids, they think, girls like ours are for other men. They miss out on so much, but you don’t have to be like them.

In this case, that just means being secure enough to enjoy a little recreation every now and again. If you do, Fallout provides a veritable playground of opportunity. Opponents proving a little too tough to crack? Why not take out a portable nuclear missile launcher and simply erase them from the map? Want to take a more peaceful approach? Become highly charismatic and simply talk your way out of most of the trouble. It really is that easy to make the game whatever you want it to be.

With stunning levels of immersion, a truly customisable experience and most importantly, bucket loads of fun, you won’t find anything better for the festive period than this truly incredible game.