Gadget Review: Fiio X3

Here at V, looks matter. When we’re choosing our London escorts, the first thing we look at is how exceptionally hot they are, so it’s rare to find us interested in anything other than stunning beauty. The Fiio X3 looks like a brick. A polished chrome case houses a seriously thick (by modern standards) unit that would not look out of place if you were sent back to 2006. It’s a bulky, solid piece of equipment that although decent looking, is definitely more than a little cumbersome. It’s enough to put anyone off at first glance.

Peer under the hood though, and you’ll find a machine that is truly exceptional for the cost. With full fill format support, you can be playing FLAC files with ease, and SD memory means you can have a serious amount of storage space to go with that. This is the type of machine that will happily house your entire collection, even those old albums you only listen to once every 4 years, normally by mistake or because they come on the playlist whilst your hands are occupied elsewhere.

It sounds absolutely fantastic too. Put a decent pair of headphones in, and prepare for a seriously rich bass, crystal clear quality and all the hallmarks of a player double the cost. Sure it might not the prettiest around, but dear god does it do the job. A true triumph of function over form, and in many ways we have to admire that. We’re big fans of the aesthetically pleasing, but this player goes to great lengths to remind us that sometimes big can be beautiful. Just like with our London escorts, it’s all about what matters to you. If you want the best sound possible at this price range, and don’t care so much about it being slimline, there’s no better choice than the X3.