Gadget Review: Overwatch

It’s finally here. After almost a solid year of hype and excitement, the game that has had every man that’s heard of it drooling is finally leaving beta and becoming open to the public. From the makers of World of Warcraft, the nerd’s wet dream, comes an arena shooter that will remind you of the good old days. Of railguns and armour packs, before everything became about CoD. The days before seeing a London escort or getting drunk on the weekend even crossed your mind. The golden age of fast paced, mobility based shooters, where your ability to nail a moving target mattered as much as whisper tight aim.

As FPS go, this one is a brilliant combination of the old and the new. There are some innovations here, especially in the variety of kit and powers that each character has access to. It’s almost MOBA like at times, especially when you pull off a big ultimate and decimate the opposing team. Mostly though, it’s refinement of already existing ideas and mechanics. A little bit old school arena shooter, a little bit modern e-Sports hitscan, plenty of Team Fortress and just that little sprinkle of Blizzard’s magic. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better shooter coming out this year, or in the last decade really. It’s that good.

Open beta begins tomorrow, and the game will be released in full at the end of the month. Why not give it a try and see how it goes? It might seem overhyped, but then didn’t our lovely London escorts before you actually tried them? And look at you now, so happy with them that you’ve stuck around to read our blog. Well Overwatch is much the same. Give it a chance to impress you and it will.