Gadget Review: Surface 4

In the age of the tablet, the idea of having a formal, bulky laptop seems somehow out of place. Antiquated even, just not something people do anymore. It’s like seeing an old CRT monitor or someone searching for a London escort in the personals. Short of the incredibly slimline macbooks that some people have, there really does seem to be very few of them around now, they’re that out of fashion. The most common use is as a low storage space solution for those that need a pc in their homes but don’t have much room. Actually seeing them out and about though?

What about those that like to work outside though? The answer is remarkably simple, and consists of the newest device from Microsoft. The 4th in their line of tablet/laptop hybrids, the Surface 4 is an incredible machine. A high res, high spec tablet that will handle everything from video processing to moderate gaming, and featuring a snap on keyboard, its the best of both words. When you want to just browse a magazine or the web when you’re on the sofa, you can use it as a tablet. When you want to do some serious work, simply click the keyboard in and youre away. It’s the perfect fusion of form and function.

If you can’t tell, we’re very impressed with both the idea and the execution. As far as modern gadgets go, it’s a pretty fantastic idea. You can be the suave, savvy business professional during the day, and by night transition into something more relaxed, all with the same machine. Suit and tie during the day, Black Sabbath and London escorts when the sun goes down. What could be better than that? We certainly can’t think of much, which is why we think the Surface 4 is an absolute must buy.