Great fun, great rates?

One of the most consistent complaints we hear from men in the capital is that they don’t know how to spend their free time. They have lovely, elegant London escorts with them of course, but they can’t always be there. What else can you do in the city that’s worth doing and not going to cost a fortune? After all, for those with money it’s a playground. Bars, restaurants, women, shopping, clubs. Whatever you could want, you can find it with the right note. For those that have normal jobs though, and can’t afford to drop hundreds on a magnum of champagne just because it’s Friday, London can be something of an odd place. All around you, people are having fun but it’s not accessible for you.

It’s the same issue many of our clients had when out before, when they would see beauties and have no idea how to get ahold of one. Now they know about V, that question has of course been answered but for many in the capital, this is one question that still puzzles them. So what can you do?

Well the simple answer is to go and enjoy everything in the city that’s free. There is a whole lot more than you would think, let us tell you. You can go up to the viewing deck of the walkie talkie tower for free, you can enjoy all the benefits of the green spaces throughout the city. Relax in a park with a beautiful girl and the sun, and no worries. Or, when things get colder, go to a museum or a cafe, spend very little and have somewhere warm, interesting and cosy to spend an afternoon. London really does have plenty of little hidden spots and places, but as much as we’d love to tell you all about them, the real joy lies in finding them for yourself. If you get stuck, you can always ask a beautiful London escort…