10 Greek Street

Located in the backstreets of Soho, 10 Greek Street is one of those restaurants that seems to consistently go under the radar. It’s incredible reasonable prices are one reason for that: it’s really quite cheap. A party can easily eat here for the price that other restaurants in the area charge for a single meal, so it’s great for those that are seeking value. On the flipside, there are many that discard it purely because of this, usually repeating the old adage: “you get what you pay for.”

In this case, what you get is simple food cooked beautifully. It’s not earth shatteringly good, it’s not mindblowing innovative but it is tasty. The well sourced, seasonal produce is combined into dishes bursting with flavour and rustic appeal. In a city that loves its fine dining, it’s a relief to discover that there are still people that know how to cook without the frills.

The atmosphere is pleasant and cordial, something that comes with a little extra effort from the staff. Many budget options in the area are adequate and generally friendly, but the elite institutions near by take things to such heights that coming back to normality is immediately noticeable. Luckily, 10 Greek Street doesn’t fall into the same trap.

Address : 10 Greek Street, London W1D 4DH

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