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Adventure Bar

Adventure Bar is quirky and different. Usually those are words that would send the seasoned bar crawler ducking for cover, lest they be buried in a shower of “lol so random” and other affected uniqueness. It’s not enough to be different these days: you have to rub it in everyone’s faces until they’re longing for apple pie and a stout dram of scotch. “Look at us, look how zany we are! Please come visit us, look at our gimmicks, pretty pretty please!” It’s enough to send a shiver down your spine.

At Adventure Bar though, things really are a bit special. Their food is jerked, but done so by the authentic Caribbeans above their premises, providing fresh, clean flavours that are so rarely found in bar food. Their drinks are wonderfully varied, offering everything from a tradition cocktail to a new fangled concoction that will blow your mind. They even do milkshakes.

Prices are about what you would expect in the area, and it’s certainly a step up on many of the local bars. At least it’s trying, and largely succeeding, to be creative. We’d much rather drink here than in any one of the identikit monuments to chrome and dark wooden panelling that are so popular in these parts.


Address : 20 Bedford Street Covent Gardens, London

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