Amsterdam Hotel

To the naked eye, the Amsterdam hotel is just another white fronted stucco terrace, lost in similar buildings that dominate the area. Go behind it’s genteel exterior though, and there’s a little slice of heaven. It’s not the kind of heaven that has angels and gold embellishments, the ornate paradise of a thousand frescoes and the grandest cathedrals. No, it’s the heaven of the little town churches, the solitary shrines. Brilliant white, soft and beautiful, it’s as wonderful in its understatement as it others are in their opulence. It’s the perfect choice for those that want comfort without all the frills and finery. It’s simple and elegant, and for that we must praise it.

The location isn’t half bad either! Located just outside of Earl’s Court, it’s in a great position to explore the city. Head across town to see the big attractions or take a short walk to end up in the splendor of the west’s very best areas. Notting Hill, Kensington and Mayfair are all just a short distance, and Oxford Circus not much further. It’s the perfect blend of convenience and peace that’s ideal for those on a medium budget.

Address : 7 Trebovir Rd, Kensington, London SW5 9LS

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