Aphrodite Taverna

Aphrodite Taverna is one of those really authentic Greek restaurants that could just as easily be on a sunny shore somewhere as it could be on the corner of this suburban W2 street. It’s one of those places that looks like it’s still eternally stuck in the 80’s, and has a website that may very well have been designed back in the days where comic sans was an acceptable font for business. These are the trappings you look for, the kind of false negatives that often indicate quality. As contradictory as it sounds, these signs of inadequacy are normally ones that you’ll want to see.

They often belie a restaurant that’s traditional and focussed almost purely on its food and service. This is what you want from a Greek restaurant. Walk 15 minutes down the road to Notting Hill and you can find the alternative: a clean, sterile, overly contrived collection of modernity. Traditional flavours are given a makeover, and charged at 3 times the price. This isn’t like that. Finery is a no go here. Instead rustic cuts of meat are allowed to speak for themselves, stewed in cast iron pots or roasted over open coals for a gorgeous smokiness. We love that Cypriot simplicity, and it’s one that makes Aphrodite Taverna unmissable.


Address : 15 Hereford Road, London W2 4AB

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