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Bar Pepito

The idea of a sherry bar would send most people running for th- no! Come back! It’s not that bad, honestly. Sherry, as a drink, is somewhat hard done by. It’s not just something that your elderly Aunt Janice sips at family gatherings whilst she slowly slips into sleep in the biggest armchair. In Spain, it’s brilliant and respected drink, but abroad its reputation is tainted. A bit like a certain wine from the north of Italy (you know the one, think of the brand you expect to see on a bumper bottle at an off licence)  a complex and rich culture has been dismissed out of hand. It’s worth giving it a go, trust us.

The bar itself is clean, stylish and light. It’s a beautiful place to drink, and you’d be wise to try it before dismissing it. You’ll need to go soon though: there are an increasing number of people heading out each and every week, converted to this rediscovered beverage. Get in before the crowds really start to add up by making a booking tonight. If you don’t well, don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Address : 3 Varnishers Yard N1 9DF

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