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Bikram yoga was once a huge novelty in the capital, an example of exercise that was different, innovative and oh so good for you. These days, you can find it all across the city, and the experience it offers is one that’s actually fairly standard. This studio has certainly lost a fair deal of appeal due to that fact, but it remains the best place to study if you’re serious about yoga. The teachers here are friendly, supportive and, most importantly, knowledgable. They know their craft inside out, and they’ll always be answer even the most difficult of questions.

For them, it’s a way of life, not just an exercise routine or a job. They incorporate the teachings and methods of bikram yoga into their everyday life. Going there is as much an exercise in philosophy as it is in muscle toning. Their inclusion of meditation into the workout routines should make that abundantly clear. Mind and body are worked in unison, in a way that’s still rather rare in the west. You might find the yoga elsewhere, but the spirituality is the real attraction here. Definitely worth a go for those with an open mind, that’s for sure.


Address : 260 Kilburn Lane London

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