Bond Street

The older brother of Oxford Street, Bond Street is renowned as the home of luxury in the capital. Everything from the best furniture to exquisitely crafted suits can be found on this one stretch of road, though the prices are understandably high. It’s a gathering point for commercial tourists, the ones who have come to the UK to shop until they drop, much as many did with New York in the noughties. The Chinese in particular, seem to adore Bond Street.

It suffers from the same issues as its sibling however, with overcrowding and lack of real originality a particular problem. The huge chains are here but their products can be found elsewhere, without having to cut through a swarm of people just to actually shop. The fact that Londoners tend to avoid it should be a warning sign but again, it’s fine if follow the rules we set out in our guide to shopping in Central London’s busiest streets: come at night. After 6 or 7, everything dies away and you can enjoy the shops in peace. That’s not to say that the streets will be entirely clear, they never will be around here, but it’s at that time of the day that things become much more manageable.


Address : W1, London

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