Bravas Tapas

A relative newcomer in a saturated market, Bravas Tapas seemed less brave and more wishful. Hadn’t that ship already long sailed we thought? Wasn’t it time for iberico ham and chorizo skewers to take a backseat to the new class of culinary delights? Time for the good old Spanish medleys to make way for proper sized plates and modern european food?

Well apparently they agreed with us: Bravas Tapas isn’t the typical tapas joint. It does serve traditional dishes, but its in their creativity that we find true love. Sliders are ideally suited to this format, and the fact that it’s taken so long for that to click is something of a crime. Tucking into tiny burgers filled with rich meat on a crisp bun, alongside sweet bell peppers and fiery chili is truly a treat. Or maybe you’d rather enjoy tender pieces of squid, sitting plump above a fire-pit brought directly to the table.

The thing that really tips it over the edge though, is the staff. Friendly and approachable, they make dining here a joy. Better still, they show off the food with the kind of knowledge that clearly comes from passion. If they don’t love the dishes that they serve then we would be gobsmacked.


Address : Ivory House, Saint Katharine Docks, East Smithfield, London E1W 1AT

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