Buckingham Palace

One of the iconic sights that has long dominated the tourist industry of England, Buckingham Palace is arguably the most iconic site in the entire city. That’s no mean feat, especially when one considers that the palace itself isn’t even that recognisable. Instead, it’s the denizens of this Royal home that give it that incredible allure to the capital’s visitors.

To most English people, the idea of the Queen being a source of amazement is a little odd. After all, they’ve grown up with her and she doesn’t really do a whole lot. More of a spiritual figurehead that an actual one, her involvement in the country’s affairs is relatively minimal. Apart from stepping in on occasion, she generally leads the country in times of crisis and leaves the day to day politics to those most qualified for them.
To the outside world though, she’s the fascinating figurehead of a slowly declining empire, a relic of times that have long since passed from other nations. The idea of a genuine monarch, regal and immensely English, is something that intrigues them immensely. So they make the journey to explore the palace that acts as the home of the world’s few remaining Queens, gaining a novel slice of insight into a forgotten world.

Address : SW1A 1AA, London

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