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Cable is something of an oddity. Situated in a highly atmospheric setting, beneath the arches of an old Victorian bridge, it’s not your typical club. In many ways, it feels like the underground has risen up to challenge the mainstream. It’s reminiscent of secret raves and warehouse gigs, so to see it listed in top national newspapers and magazines as an essential clubbing spot is a little bemusing at first. Is is a mainstream club or an underground spot?

The answer that most would give you is that it’s both, taking the best from both scenes and combining them. Fusion would most be the word used, and there would undoubtedly be mentions of the cultural mixing pot that is London. Someone would find a way to tie it to the chicken tikka, and talk about the wonders of two opposing ends of the spectrum meeting in beautiful union.

The real answer however, is neither. Run for considerable profit and essentially an institution at this point, it’s about as far from the underground scene as it’s possible to get. What that doesn’t mean however, is that it’s part of the mainstream. It’s not as clean and friendly as many of the clubs in central: there’s still an edge here that refuses to be sterilised. It’s… Cable. For better or for worse, it’s rather unique.


Address : Cable & Relay 33 Bermondsey Street London Bridge SE1 3JW

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