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Callooh Callay

Take Callooh Callay the wrong way and it will seem like an abomination. The kind of place that hipsters go to talk about trimming their beards, trends in lumberjack shirts and the best store to purchase lenseless glasses. The very fact that the last article exists is an affront to the good tastes of most people, so being in a place that surrounds you with that kind of fashion and humour may seem like something of a bad idea. There’s certainly no shortage of trendy little touches about the place. It can all go very wrong, very quickly, and if you’re dead serious then maybe give this place a miss.

If you’re more lighthearted about things though, you may very well enjoy it here. It’s a rather ironic look at the speakeasy scene, one that can easily be mistaken for being a pure celebration. Look closely though and you’ll see them poking a little bit of fun at the pretension of barrel aged cocktails and pewter tankards for your craft beers. It’s wonderfully silly and irreverent, and if you can appreciate that then it’s a great atmosphere. The marmite of the bar scene really…


Address : 65 Rivington St, London EC2A 3AY

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