Camden Lock Market

Head down to Camden and you know that you’re in for the coolest experience around. That’s certainly no secret, and the sheer amount of trendy people around here should confirm that. It’s always maintained its rough edges though, and that’s where much of its appeal come from. Shoreditch, the new hipster home, has been gentrified to an almost scary amount. It no longer has that rough and ready east end charm that made it so popular. Instead it has popular approximations of that culture, and it’s all the poorer for it. Camden, thankfully, doesn’t have that issue.

The Camden Lock Market is a perfect example of that. Famed as a bit of a dodgy market, it still is. Rip off clothing, retro items, stalls of dubious provenance, it really does have it all. You go here to buy stuff at a decent price. You might then choose to wear or use it in a trendy way, but that’s your call. They’ve be just as happy to see you wearing that Beatles replica T-Shirt in an earnest way as they will to see it ripped up and paired with a Misfits armband. Camden doesn’t judge and ultimately, it doesn’t care. It’s the embodiment of nonchalant cool, and the market is the heart of everything that keeps the area great.


Address : NW1 8AF

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