As a top chef with a huge amount of industry experience, Michael Riemenschneider should be able to muster up an incredible effort but Canvas surpasses all expectations. Located in the heart of Victoria, this fine dining restaurant is amongst the most novel in all of the capital. Its food is modern european: all clean flavours, beautiful combinations and incredible presentation. Its decor is minimalist and airy, the perfect blank space for the artistry of the dishes.

It’s in the method of serving though, that Canvas really comes to life. Patrons can order anything between 1-15 dishes. Yes, you read that correctly: 15 dishes! The way that the kitchen works is that the size of each dish is adjusted depending on the overall quantity. Want to indulge in 10 plates of food? Then each one will be smaller to compensate. Fancy a normal meal? Then go for 3 or 4 dishes and you’ll receive hearty plates of whatever you’ve chosen to order.

We particularly recommend the pumpkin soup with seared scallops for its smooth, subtle flavour but honestly the joy of canvas is trying a little bit of everything. Explore for yourself and you’re sure to find something that interests you.


Address :1 Wilbraham Place SW1X 9AE

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