Chelsea Cloisters

Chelsea Cloisters is one of those utterly bizarre little places that you would never find without a guide. From the outside, it looks like a failed council building from the late 80’s, honestly a bit of an aberration in what is generally a very nice area. Head inside though, and the truth is revealed. Ugly brickwork gives way to beautifully furnished interiors and spacious rooms, in rented accommodation that’s ideal for mid term stays. Internet, kitchen facilities and suitable entertainment systems are all provided as well, so you’ll get some home comforts during your stay.

Rooms are clean, well furnished and generally quite light and airy. They’re certainly great value for the area, and you’ll struggle to find the same level of quality at a lower price. One thing that we must note however, is that there’s a distinct lack of rule enforcement. Other guests seem to frequently smoke, and the smell does drift throughout the floors. Some of what is being smoked is also not tobacco, so we’ll leave your own sensibilities to decide on that one.


What we will say however is that Chelsea Cloisters offers a great location at a sensible price, which far outweighs some minor negatives.


Address : Sloane Ave, Chelsea, London SW3 3DW

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