Chelsea Harbour Hotel

The capital has so many extraordinary hotels that it’s hard to know exactly where to go. We could tell you about the sheer luxury on offer here, how everything is so incredibly fine. We could say how every member of staff is friendly and attentive, desperate to make you feel welcome. We could say that it offers a fine selection of facilities and ways to entertain yourself. We could mention the food, the bar, the spacious rooms or the comfy pillows. We could talk about brilliant baths or amazing architecture. Yet, that seems to be almost common now. The finest things are so widely embraced that they’re prevalent in all 4* hotels. So what is it that makes the Chelsea Harbour Hotel so special?
The clue is in the name. It looks out over the waterfront, offering truly stunning views are sure to amaze when night arrives. It’s a hotel for the super rich, for those with boats waiting at dock, ready to set sail the next day. It’s reminiscent of the harbours of Monaco, a collection of privilege and wealth so concentrated that seeing celebrities or public figures in the hotel’s hallways is an everyday occurrence.

Address :  London SW10 0XG,

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