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City Athletic Gym

The favoured gym of the high powered banking industry, City Athletic is an unrepentant shrine to dedication, hard work and sheer testosterone. It’s definitely not a place for casuals, though it does offer a great beginners service. Really though, if you’re someone who’ll end up going to maybe 2 sessions a month, there are better alternatives.

If you’re a driven individual though, who wants to train with the best, then this is going to be nothing short of heaven. The trainers are intense and passionate about their work, driving you to keep pushing your limits whilst maintaining your safety at all times. It’s the perfect way to take exercise to another level and excel at this practical task, turning into more of a challenge.

That’s probably why it’s so popular with the ultra competitive locals. Their professional lives are built around ambition and never ending work, which is an attitude that they often take with them into other aspects of their day to day experience. They don’t just want to work out, they want to push themselves and continue to improve. They want to strive, they want to fly, they want to win, and this is the perfect place to do that.


Address : Trump St, London EC2V 8AF

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