Cleveland Square

Private resident’s gardens won’t make this list very often, but this one is a little different. Behind it’s hedge lined edges, lies a beautiful space of green space that is easily the equal of any other in the capital. Small, peaceful and rather beautiful, it’s the classic garden square, the hallmark of West London suburbia.

The reason why we have included it though, is because it opens up a few times a year for the public. The immense and always impressive fireworks show is one such occasion and is usually accompanied by a bonfire and an impressive selection of treats. During the summer, a film tent is set up, and long lazy evenings are spent drinking cold cider and enjoying the sun’s drying glow in this tranquil little slice of heaven.

Keep your eyes peeled for open weekends, when anyone is invited to come and take a look around. They can be the perfect opportunity for a picnic or enjoyable afternoon out, and they’re curiously rather quiet. The gardens tend not to advertise, so it’s remained a well kept secret. That lack of publicity will play to your advantage, as it helps maintain the usual atmosphere of calm and relaxation that the gardens are famous for.

Address : W2 6DH

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