If someone told you that you were going to stay in a hostel, you might not be too happy. If they then told you that this hostel was in fact a converted prison? Most people would be running for the hills. Give it a chance however, and you’ll find that Clink78 is actually one of the better places to stay in the capital.

The prices are extraordinary, as you would expect. If they weren’t, most people would expect to be staying in a B&B or better. What you might not be expecting however, is the quality that comes alongside that. The days of worn down out rental units being marketed as hostels is over: this is a clean, functional and actually rather charming little building that’s sure to attract serious interest from prospective travellers.

The central London location it offers is also an incredible lure for most. Staying near King’s Cross would normally cost a small fortune, but Clink78 makes it decidedly affordable. You’re a stone’s throw from some of the capital’s best attractions, and near one of the city’s biggest travel hubs. What’s not to love?


Address : 78 King’s Cross Road, London WC1X 9QG

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