Covent Garden Market

Beneath the iron arches and bathed in light, Covent Garden market is one of the city’s most beautiful sights. You could spend hours here, lost in the airy atmosphere, the scent of frying chorizo and freshly cooked bread filling your lungs. You’d be missing out though: the stalls are best pursued with an eager and rather sharp eye. There can be some real bargains to be found here, but you’ll have to keep on guard if you’re to spot them.

The markets central location makes it a popular spot for tourists but, like any good market, the locals are keen to come here too. That’s always a good sign, and you’ll want to stay with the stalls they favour. Artisan produce and dedicated craft are the name of the game, so keep well away from tacky London-centric merchandise. If you want to get souvenirs like that, there are plenty of places that are considerably cheaper.

As a small note, as with every attraction in the area, please remember that the Covent Garden tube can have extensive waits for the lifts. There are stairs as an alternative, but they’re steep and winding. If you’re coming back from the market, bags laden with fresh goodies, the last thing you want is to try and descend them with any haste.


Address : Covent Garden

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