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Dirty Martini

Part of the recent craze for cocktails, Dirty Martini is one of the coolest chains in the capital. Its 3 branches are all very solid, although the Covent Garden one is particularly atmospheric. Be warned though: at peak times, it gets crowded and noisy so this isn’t the kind of spot you’ll want to be exploring if conversation and relaxation is on your mind.

In fact, it’s rather hard to pin down exactly what niche it occupies. With the pounding music, sugary cocktails and general energy of the place, you would expect it to be a hive of dancing and fun but things are often curiously still. The underground location is a little too small for a real party and tends to become very busy. Despite these limitations, Dirty Martini remains eternally popular based on one thing: its drinks.

There are plenty of standard concoctions here that are best avoided, but delve deeper and it’s easy to discover some truly delightful ideas. A lavender martini is beautifully made, balancing floral notes with the botanicals of the gin, all without tending towards a soapy flavour as so many others tend to. Honey is used to great effect too, and is given the respect it deserves: used for its flavour rather than as a simple sweetener.


Address :10C Hanover Square London

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