Egerton House

Egerton House is damned posh, even in comparison to its neighbours. When you consider that it’s in Kensington, that really is quite the achievement! You’ll rarely find a place that’s so openly rich and proud of it. There’s a recent trend towards modesty in wealth, choosing to simply use superior materials and service in less complex designs to indicate their superiority. The days of intricate embellishments and shoving it in everyone’s faces are over. Well, no one has told the decorator here, as the entire place couldn’t look more elaborate if it tried. It really is the epitome of sheer wealth on display.

In many ways though, that’s the appeal. If not for earnest reason then because it’s interesting and rather fun. It’s indulgent to the point of madness, and that kind of pure display of money goes beyond pretension and emerges as being rather fun. By being so gaudy, it somehow becomes tasteful. We have to admit, staying here feels like being in a fairytale or enjoying a life of pure fantasy. It’s a unique experience and one we quite enjoyed. Sometimes, it’s fun to live like royalty for a while and enjoy a overblown escape from reality.


Address : 17-19 Egerton Terrace, Knightsbridge, London SW3 2BX

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