Emirates Air Line Cable Car

Currently the only cable car system in the capital, the Emirates Air Line is a sight to behold. The chance to see the capital from up high, whilst in comfort and complete security is something that’s usually only achievable from some of the most exclusive skyscrapers or from the Eye. Unlike those however, this is an opportunity to not only get the view but to move as well: offering not one new perspective but dozens as you move from the city’s sky. It truly is unmissable and is a sight that every tourist should try and experience before they leave.

Not that visitors are the only ones that can benefit of course. Residents may also find it fascinating to look down and see the place that they spend everyday in, looking a lot different. You often forget to appreciate London’s beauty when you live there, we’re certainly guilty of it at least. But when you’re suspended high above the city, looking down at it from a different vantage point, it’s easy to see why it’s so beloved. The stunning architecture, the maze of structures, the sheer energy and vibrance of a multicultural city in full flow. It’s no wonder London has long been considered amongst the world’s best attractions.

Address : SE10 0FR

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