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Gatwick Airport

As one of the capital’s “big two”, Gatwick sees an enormous amount of people move through its famed halls each and every day. Looking at the numbers, it’s all too easy to imagine a tight, cramped airport full of misery and boredom. The reality however, couldn’t be more different. Spacious and meticulously organised, it provides superb service to a huge number of customers each and every day, earning it an excellent reputation amongst frequent fliers.

This is only enhanced by the top class facilities that it offers. Everything from dining to gambling has a place there, ensuring that fliers are kept entertained during their downtime. For many, the experience of heading to Gatwick is rather enjoyable, a chance to de-stress before they head onto their flight. It’s easy to forget that you’re in an airport as you sit down for a perfect steak or browse the wide selection of products offered in the high end fashion outlets. The duty free alcohol is the icing on the cake.

The only real complaint you can have about it is that it’s all almost too organised. There’s a lack of the character that is often seen in smaller airports: everything is an impersonal, if impressive, cog in the greater machine and it’s hard to escape the fact that you’re all part of some great statistical model for efficient travel. This is hardly unique to Gatwick though, it’s an almost inevitable side effect of being in a large airport. The excellent coverage, facilities and adherence to schedule more than make up for it in the end, ensuring that you get onto your flight in a punctual and comfortable fashion. Ultimately, that’s what really matters in a bustling transport hub.


Address : Gatwick Airport, RH6 0NP

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