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From the testosterone filled halls of EC1 to the female friendly workouts offered in the trendy areas of Notting Hill, the gyms of the capital are a meeting ground for every type of fitness program. That’s why we found Gymbox to to be highly surprising: it was something different. In an oversaturated market where it feels like every niche is filled, it’s always a delight to find someone doing something different.

And let’s be clear, Gymbox is different. Lady GaGa workouts are ridiculously gleeful, like they’ve been plucked out of some self help video’s cheerful promos. Whilst everyone gyrates to the tunes of pop’s latest diva, they’re working off the calories without even realising. It’s exercise for people that don’t like it. Just a few rooms down, intense spin classes are pushing some of the gym’s more experienced members beyond their usual limits.

Boxing is a big thing, and you may be a bit put off by that. It’s a brutal sport, and one that few people are keen on. Give it a go though, and you’ll see that it can be a fulfilling, engaging form of exercise that will leave you fit and toned. It doesn’t need to be aggressive: learning the forms and shapes can be almost therapeutic, similar to other martial arts.


Address : 42-49 Saint Martin’s Lane, London WC2N 4EJ

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