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Head along to Hakkasan and you’re in for an experience that’s sure to border on the intense. The seemingly constant crowd of people that are always in there, day and night, is only the start of it. When you finally find a seat at the bar, you’ll find yourself blown away by a different sort of intensity. The drinks here don’t pull out any punches, and those used to sugary cocktails are best off avoiding it. These are real drinks, the kind that use mixers as a way to add flavour, not to water down the alcohol count and make better margins.

A narrow strip concealed behind the screens of the uber popular restaurant, it’s also not the kind of bar that you go to on a whim. Most that drink here will do so before or after dinner, and there are few that come explicitly for the experience of this thin counter space. So why, you might ask, have we listed in the bars section? Because most of those people are missing out. It might be hard to come to Hakkasan to drink, it might not be optimal and it might not be the most popular option for less than serious drinkers, but by god it’s the right choice. The sheer clarity and focus offered in its almost spartan conditions provide a perfect backdrop to simply enjoy the drinks without thrills and favours ruining it all.

Address : 17 Bruton St, London W1J 6QB

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