Hampstead Heath

Nature is meant to be wild, free and a little bit edgy. That’s what we think anyway, and although we can appreciate finery outdoors, it’s hardly the be all and end all. Just like how the most complex of foods can sometimes be eclipsed by the perfection of simplicity, so too can a relatively unmanaged park surpass one that’s cared for in meticulous detail. If you’re like us, and the prim and proper Royal Gardens are sometimes a little too cultivated for your tastes, then Hampstead Heath may just the place for you.

It’s more of a green space than a park, a little slice of nature in the North of the capital. Honestly, it’s more like a slice of Kentish countryside than it is a garden, stretching over hundreds of acres of woodlands. You could easily take a stroll there and lose yourself for the day within its leaves and winding paths, barely seeing a soul as you head further and further into the wilderness.

It also features an iconic hill that’s renowned for its romantic atmosphere. In the summer, lovers sit hand in hand and gaze out across the wonders of the city. In the winter, kite fliers use its blustery heights to propel their craft skyward. Whatever the time of year, it’s also a sight worth seeing.


Address : Gordon House Road, London NW5 1QR

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