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Happiness Forgets

Hidden under the ground and not exactly on the radar for most in the city, Happiness Forgets is a true speakeasy that encompasses all the best parts of what that particular attraction has to offer. You can easily come here after a long day and relax in the company of like minded individuals, all of you desperate to come off the beaten track and try something a little new. How you heard about it is irrelevant, they don’t advertise and they don’t need to. What makes this such a magical bar is the sheer atmosphere: everyone that wants to be here has made that little bit of extra effort. It really is a refuge for the city’s lost.

As you would expect from the east end in modern times, it can sometimes border on the pretentious. To truly appreciate it, you need to be willing to put aside your prejudices. It might look like it’s packed to the rafters with hipsters, but give it a chance and it will reveal to have so much more depth. Unlike the shiny but ultimately flats bars that comprise its competition, Happiness Forgets is so much more than it appears. Friendly staff and patrons, superb drinks and a stunning location all wait for those that will just give it a chance to shine.


Address : 8-9 Hoxton Square, London N1 6NU

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