Anyone who has set foot inside any of the Hawksmoor restaurants will know that meat is king. When it comes down to it, the most delicate of perfumed beauties, those plump little parcels of congested air and wonder made with creativity, science and hard work, they’re beaten by a simple joint of meat. There’s something so utterly irresistible about a perfectly cooked steak, a primal joy that’s compelling to an astonishing degree.

Thankfully, Hawksmoor recognise this and recognise it with aplomb. The meat here is all sourced from luxury butcher: The Ginger Pig. It’s top end stuff, bred for flavour and served in a way that will make your eyes water. Seared and caramelized on the outside, it’s dark crust gives way to a blood core that’s meltingly soft, pleasantly marbled and intensely flavourful.

For the brave, there’s dishes that would make the quinoa consuming health nuts gasp in shock. Full fat puddings, steamed just like they have been for hundreds of years. Ribs slathered with sauce and left untrimmed for extra flavour. And, most surprising of all, bones cracked up with their fatty marrow exposed. Scooped onto a piece of crisp toast, this unhealthy treat is nothing short of joyous.


Address : 11 Langley Street, London WC2H 9JG

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