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Heathrow Airport

It’s no exaggeration to say that Heathrow is by far the busiest airport in the capital. An enormous amount of people pass through its halls each and every day. Coming back from trips abroad, heading off on holiday, flying for work: the reasons are endless but these separate lives are all joined by their passage through this impressive testament to the UK’s global accessibility.

It’s the world’s busiest airport when it comes to foreign traffic, a stat that highlights the vital role that it plays. Acting as the gateway to the capital, it’s the first thing that most people see upon their arrival to Britain.With high standards of facilities and a wide variety of entertainment options to choose from, that first impression is surely a good one. Terminal 5 was recently voted the best airport terminal in the world, due to the perfect match of punctuality and comfort that it offers.

Once tourists disembark and leave the airport itself, they can use the excellent transport links to head straight into London or stay in one of the nearby hotels. Defying stereotypes, these lodges offer luxury and comfort that’s comparable to some of the best that the capital can provide. Local restaurants are similarly impressive, and there’s even a casino a short distance away. These excellent facilities have consistently been recognised as some of the best infrastructure elements in the world, and have drawn praise from critics and consumers alike.

Address : London Heathrow Airport, TW6 1QG

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