Hotel 41

Hotel 41 is something of an oddity in the 5* market. Whilst it undoubtedly offers luxury in incredible amounts, it’s a little different from the competition. Look past the plush furniture and dark wood: behind it lies a hotel that is all about service, excellence and a real desire to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. They offer the kind of bespoke, superstar treatment that will leave even the most demanding of guests purring but they do so with the kind of relaxed attitude that you’ll find missing in the competition.

Heading to a top hotel can often be an intimidating experience, and it’s one that puts most people off from actually going through with it, much to our disappointment. We think that everyone should try this little slice of luxury once, so it’s saddening to see so many put off by formality and reputation. That’s not a problem at Hotel 41, where everyone from the concierge to the waiting staff are unfailing approachable and friendly. You get all of the luxury but you won’t have to feel uncomfortable standing on ceremony.

If you’re no stranger to luxury, you’re no doubt used to the sycophantic nature of staff, that dry air of respectability and the rest of the oddities that come along with that sort of accommodation. For those of us that don’t hit hotels of this quality on a regular basis however, somewhere like Hotel 41 offers the perfect blend of accessibility and luxury.


Address : 41 Buckingham Palace Road, London, SW1W 0PS

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