Houses of Parliament/Palace of Westminster

The Houses of Parliament are one of London’s great attractions, but much of what you currently know about them is actually incorrect. Many tourists have gazed upon its impressive spires and though of Guy Fawkes, the infamous English terrorist who wanted to destroy the buildings and bring a new order to the people of Britain. Popularised through the 5th of November and its accompanying array of fireworks, as well as in modern renditions like V for Vendetta, Fawkes’ devilish scheme has been a cornerstone of the building’s history.

So many are surprised to learn that the building he tried to blow up was in fact entirely different. It was in the same location and served the same purpose, but the original was destroyed in a heavy fire during the 19th century. Funnily enough, that particular disaster started with a thrifty chancellor trying to burn too many records at once in a furnace, causing widescale destruction in his bid to save a few pennies! The building you can look upon today is its modern rebirth. Equally as shocking is the fact that it isn’t even called the Houses of Parliament: it’s properly title is “The Palace of Westminster”!

Regardless of these misinterpretations, The Palace of Westminster remains one of the capital’s most iconic sites and its rich history makes it well worth a tour.


Address : Westminster, London SW1A 0AA

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