Hyde Park

As the capital’s most iconic green space, Hyde Park is certainly not going to surprise many people with its inclusion on this site. It was the first name on our list when we were considering the royal parks, but not for the reasons that you might think. Its iconic status wasn’t why it immediately jumped to mind. No, it was the excellence of the place itself that convinced us.

A huge space, full of different attractions and amusements, Hyde Park is probably the premier space for those seeking entertainment in an outdoor space. In the summer, ice cream and white wine mingle in warm afternoons spent in the shade. The constant paddle of boats in the central lake are a particular highlight, ideally suited for couples and families. In the autumn, it becomes a whirling maelstrom of amber gold that reminds us why the Americans are so fond of referring to the season as “fall”. As winter sets in, the haunting skeletons of trees are tinged with frost and rain, and it transforms yet again into a solemn and moving place, full of deathly poignancy. And then spring rolls around again, and the buds bloom, the birds sing and the cycle is reborn with vigour.

Most importantly of all though, even if you can’t appreciate the passage of nature and the incredible beauty of the change is embodies, this is a stunning place for a walk. It can be the ideal location for a spot of tranquility, a moment away from London’s hustle and bustle.

Address : Hyde Park, London, W2 2UH

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