Ibis Styles

The best way to get value with a level of style and class is to go with a chain. This has long been the conventional wisdom espoused to anyone visiting the capital. The idea that there are plenty of wonderful independents is something of a modern feeling: in the past, taking that risk with a random newcomer was just not worth it. So for years the chains held a monopoly. With the rise of internet reviews and boutique options however, those days are over. The chains are, if anything, greatly diminished as their rivals rise in power and influence. Many see them as being soulless and actually rather mediocre value for money.

Where does this leave places like Ibis Styles? Mid end chains that don’t have the sheer brand recognition of somewhere like the Hilton, they look destined to fall into the abyss. If they do, it would be a shame. Their hotels are stylish, clean and well priced. They might not have the reliability of the other brands, but they more than make up for it in their consistency. You’ll rarely take a trip there and find it to be any less than you’d expected, that’s for sure.



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