Jesmond Dene Hotel

The Jesmond Dene Hotel gets off to a good start by being located relatively close to the centre of the city. Most of the sites and shopping destinations that you might want to visit are only a short journey away, which is always a handy little factor for those that want to see the city. This is normally an area you pay heavily for, and there are plenty of 3 star hotels around here who use the location to bump their prices up considerably.

Not the Jesmond Dene Hotel though. In fact, it’s an incredible reasonable place to stay, leaving you more money to spend on the rest of capital. Rooms are functional but pretty, with a very relaxed atmosphere. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, but there are still high standards being maintained throughout. The cleanliness of the place is especially commendable.

In terms of facilities, it’s about what you would expect from a hotel in this price range, which is fairly basic. There’s no luxury gym or spa, but you can look forward to a nice breakfast and good service. There are communal areas, but these really aren’t that special, especially with the sights that you have right on your doorstep!


Address : 27 Argyle Street, Kings Cross St Pancras, London, WC1H 8EP

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