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Koko is something of an outlier. It’s not surprising really, given it’s location. After all, Camden is known for being the original king of cool. The hipsters may have all relocated to the east, but down by the lock, the true cutting edge still goes about its day with nonchalance. Any music venue here is going to be a little grimy, a little bit edgy but also immensely fashionable. Which is exactly what Koko is.

Some nights, the acts will be nobodies. Young hopefuls plucked from obscurity. 9/10 times, they’ll be gone in a year, split up and often out of the industry entirely. Every so often though, they turn up something special, which is why they’re still just as popular with the indie scene. The chance to see the next biggest thing before they even get a whiff of stardom has its own odd allure.

Some nights though, someone special will appear. Someone so out of the league of these previous performers that it will beggar belief. Prince played a show there recently, an intimate little surprise gig for his die hard fans. He’s not the first star to play the tightly packed little theatre and he won’t be the last: Koko is an eclectic, chaotic whirlwind of a venue, the kind of place that’s just unique.


Address : 1a Camden High Street, London NW1 7JE

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