La Gavroche

There are few restaurants in the capital that can truly compare to La Gavroche. It’s become a byword for quality, an emblematic symbol of French refinery in the English capital, a bastion of elegance in the culinary scene. Currently holding 2 Michelin stars, it’s one of the city’s most esteemed restaurants and it draws some seriously potent names. Some of the best minds in the industry rank this as their top spot, and we have to admit that we’re rather partial to it too.

The food here is almost unmatchable in its execution. The term perfection was invented for its crisp white table cloths, perfectly seared scallops and impeccable wait staff. Few, if any, can compete with the sheer excellence it offers, though it isn’t pushing boundaries. It’s relatively simple food in many ways, just cooked to a level most of us could never dream of achieving.

Booking is relatively simple and easy, though prices can be offputting. Our advice is to soak up the atmosphere on an evening in the midweek, when there’s a perfect balance of guests to covers. Weekends are best avoided, lest you find yourself rushed and flustered.

Address : 43 Upper Brook St, London W1K 7QR

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