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Loftus Road

Loftus Road is something of an oddity, as stadiums go. Like the club that use it, it’s seen its up and its downs and now it sits somewhere in the middle, lost in a sea of bumbling madness. Don’t get us wrong: we love the atmosphere here, but it just lacks something compared to its competition. Come on derby day vs Chelsea and it will be rocking with the kind of vitriolic energy that really reminds you why the home advantage is such a big deal in this game, but at most other times it’s just a bit average.

Funnily enough, that’s sort of the appeal. Despite the lofty ambitions of several millionaire backers, QPR are never going to be a superstar club. They seem destined for mediocrity, bound to it almost. It’s in their blood and it gives them a sort of off charm. They’re the underdogs who never see their day come, the plucky upstarts that seem destined to never rise. It’s endearing in its own way, and a trip to Loftus Road is always sure to be a fun experience one way or another. Whether it’s watching them surrender a heavily contested win, or somehow nick a draw from the big guns, things are never dull.


Address : Loftus Road Stadium, S Africa Rd, London W12 7PJ

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