London City Airport

London City airport is something of an oddity amongst the UK’s major travel hubs. Located within the capital itself, it’s one of the few aviation centres that’s been built within the confines of the place that it serves. Usually, you’ll see airports pushed out of the city in order to minimise their impact. It’s less convenient for those using them, but it means that the locals aren’t affected too much. Not so with London City, although special discreet aircraft are the only ones allowed to make up for its proximity to residents.

The result is a highly convenient airport located in the middle of town. The benefits of this are huge. For starters, it means that there’s no awkward transport between airport and city, and no choice between that long taxi ride and staying the night at an airport hotel. Instead you can be hitting the streets of the capital within minutes of leaving the facilities, all ready for your trip to one of the world’s greatest cities. This level of convenience is incredibly useful, and has seen London City establish itself as a growing force in the capital’s air travel.

The only thing holding it back currently are the prices and the limited options. The specialised aircraft used drive prices up, and the small capacity means that flights don’t have nearly the same degree of coverage as they do elsewhere. These factors have lead to it becoming seen as an elite airport, a place for the rich to fly with convenience and ease. Whilst that demographic is sizeable at London City, don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s only for the oligarchs and the oil barons: prices aren’t that bad and you can still fly to many of the world’s major cities. If you want to leave the stress and the hassle of flying at one of the capital’s big aviation hubs behind you, there’s no better choice that London City airport.

Address : E16 2PX, London

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